Partnering with a co-owner

Co-Own My Home will introduce you to pre-qualified potential co-buyers that have expressed housing requirements compatible with yours. Our hands-on selection process will eliminate embarrassing moments of introductions to unqualified applicants.

Co-Own My Home only deals with applicants that will be occupying the residence. We do not work with investors.

Finding your match

We immediately recommend an experienced Realtor that will represent all buying parties. Your Realtor will then contact all parties to update their wants and needs information and start the showing process. Obviously, finding the right co-ownership property that suits two unique co-buyers can take a bit longer.

Co-ownership agreement

The long term success of any relationship is transparency and communication, and in the case of co-ownership, a co-ownership agreement prepared by a lawyer specializing in co-ownership contracts. This agreement should address all the buyers’ concerns, it makes sense to record all the buyers’ original intentions prior to closing.

Apply to Become a Co-Owner